Kitesurfing School in Port Saint Louis- Provence

Discover kitesurfing in Provence – south of France

Learn to kitesurf in the beautiful surroundings of the south of France, in one of the first Kitesurfing schools of the Country!

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  • Kitexperience Kite School takes pride in providing quality instruction with passionate instructors having over a decade of experience.
    To add to the instructional background, Kitexperience kiteboarding school benefits of a unique teaching spot, as secure as it gets: we dare you to find a better learning spot in the whole south coast of France!

    Who’s kitesurfing for?

    Not only the ones already into riding sports or flying sports (snowboarders, wakeboarders, windsurfers, surfers, parasailers tend to be naturally attracted to kitesurfing) but also any water lover, yet not only: thanks to the new equipment, kitesurfing is now a sport reachable by most and doesn’t require any previous experience of any kind!
    No particular fitness is expected from newbie, the only condition is to be able to swim.
    Note children can totally start kitesurfing as well as we offer adapted gear for the lighter ones, yet a minimum weight is expected (we offer kitesurfing lessons starting from 45 kilos). Check our article about kitesurfing lessons for kids for more info.

    The perfect kitesurfing spot

    Our school teaches on the spot of the national Championships as well as the World’s Speed Championship!
    Unique in its kind, this spot is a gold mine in terms of safety and conditions, and KiteXperience gives you there a fantastic opportunity to learn and improve, thanks to this exceptional site!

    Accessible solely by boat the « They de la gracieuse » ( a sand bar lost in the middle of the bay of Fos sur mer) is probably one of the best spots of Provence to kitesurf: this place provides flat shallow water for hundreds of metres, along a sand bar ideal to rig and rest!
    Regardless of the conditions and orientation, the place is always glassy flat, as the water is proptected by the sand bar, and also, it works no matter the wind direction (the wind can shift 360° here, it doesn’t matter!), as sufficiently distant from any shore wind turbulence: a true gold mine for kiteboarding!

    Last but not least, bad swimmers won’t need to worry there, as their feet will be touching the ground everywhere near the sand bar, allowing beginners and intermediary riders to always be able to stand up, walk backwards, and feel safe!

    At our kiteboarding school of Port Saint Louis, you can attend complete kitesurfing courses from March till November with very little riders around, even at the peak of July and August: thanks to its difficult access, the spots remains relatively uncrowded.

    The ones alrerady riding will enjoy the sand bar surroundings, allowing nice travels on flat waters, with our rescue boat always ready to help you shall you get in trouble in spite of the safe area.

    More about your kitesurfing training

    Kite Xperience will welcome you at Napoleon’s harbour (Port Napoléon), past Port Saint Louis city (we will provide accurate direction), where you will get all geared up, accordingly to your frame, size and weight.
    The harbour is dotted with a parking lot, some individual showers, changing rooms, rest rooms, a restaurant and bar open from 8am to 11pm: everything that you may need!

    Once your equipment sorted, you will embark on our motor boat to reach your playground of the day (note time tables are flexible and very much up to the forecast: some days we may cast off late morning, others early afternoon: it is all up to the weather, make sure to contact us to confirm departure time)

    Reaching the sand bar usually takes about 10 minutes: as soon as you arrive, we will start rigging the material and your lesson!
    We then spend half a day there (4 to 6 hours depending on the wind and our departure time), adapting our teaching to your natural abilities and expectations.

    We supply all the kitesurfing gear (note that rental is also available for the experienced riders willing to join), make sure to bring some sunscreen, sunglasses as well as water. A smile will do the rest!

    Our return ashore is always up to our departure time and weather conditions, but we always make the most of the wind, happily extending our stay if everyone is having fun!
    Expect a return at the dock any time between end of afternoon and early evening, usually spot on for a debriefing at the harbour’s bar (with the possibility to take a warm shower and change clothes).

    Additional Information

    ALWAYS confirm your lesson the previous day at the evening!!!

    We happily organise shared drives for the ones coming from the same location: let us know where you will be coming from, we will see if we can limit your carbon footprint!


    1 day kite lesson (4h kite flying/in the water): 150 euros per person
    2 days kite lessons (8h kite flying/in the water): 270 euros per person
    3 days kite lessons (12h kite flying/in the water): 390 euros per person
    4 days kite lessons (8h kite flying/in the water): 490 euros per person

    Contact us for group packages or private lessons


    It is possible to book a bungalow for 2 persons at Port Napoleon’s harbour: you will appreciate the closeness from the kitesurfing boat, the free wifii, the laundry facility as well as the possibility to rent bicycles!


    To book your kitesurfing course with Kite Xperience, please contact us by mail (make sur to give us your preferred training dates, possible previous kitesurfing experience if any and any information you think relevant) or by phone: + 33 6 32 41 91 86