Kitesurfing for kids

The kids training from Kite Xperience

Kite Xperience offers children and teenagers to learn to kitesurf at an adapted pace and in proper conditions, with fitted equipment. Our school will pick weather conditions, learning spot and gear accordingly to their smaller and lighter frames, allowing them to learn in perfect conditions!

Offering « Special Kids » teaching days, we gather them together so they’re surrounded by other children and can learn while having fun.

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  • Kitesurfing lessons for children: starting from what age?

    First kitesurfing courses can start as early as 10 years old, it mostly is up to their weight (and motivation!).
    A kiteboarding lesson can start more or less from 45 kilos ( roughly 99 pounds).

    What is the right kite equipment for a child ?

    A kitesurf introduction to a child must be done with an adapted equipment (on top of a chosen environment (trained instructors, right learning spot and wind condition).
    A child is not meant to ever cope with any kind of heavy load (and a power sail counts among those). For this reason, Kite Xperience adjust his teaching gear, offering children small power sails (2 to 3m2), fitted small size harnesses, allowing them to discover the first pull sensations in a safe environment: our fast depowering kite allow their sail to get rid of 100% of their power as soon as the kite goes down or that they let go of the bar.
    Board wise, they’re given big sizes in order to ease both water start and cruising.

    What specific surroundings are required for a kid learning to kitesurf?

    On top of a chosen spot, accurate wind conditions and adapted equipment, learning to kitesurf to children requires a specific pedagogy.
    Children have limited attention span, so lessons can not last as long as for adults: we offer training days last 2h30 to 3h, with plenty of recreational time during the course.
    Learning, is always meant to be fun, but even more so with children!

    Teaching and guiding along our courses are adapted to every child personnality: each one of them experiences power kiting his own way. Some will need ro be reinsured, others to be canalysed, it is a matter of adjusting the teaching to each one of them’s feeling.

    Our lessons for children are limited to a maximum of 6 kids.
    They’re often teamed up by pair on one kite: the concentration is then less intense for them, it allows them to learn from their buddy’s mistakes, to help one another, to look after their buddy too (which is one of the strong basics of this sport).

    What is the right spot to teach a child to kite?

    Ideally, an uncrowded site, offering wide space and shallow flat water, and benefitting from a wind exposure limitating turbulences.  Basically, a safe area with wind as clean as possible.
    It’s in order to gather all those properties that Kite Xperience teaches children to kitesurf on the sand bar of La Gracieuse: this spot is perfect as offering shallow flat water (waist height for the children) for hundreds of metres, allowing us to teach in perfectly safe conditions.
    This spot offers sandy bottom, extremely flat water, due to its reach possible only boat boat, it is mostly uncrowded and , due to its distance from the shore, it works with any wind direction!
    Parents are welcome to come along to the site and can either kitesurf by their side or simply watch them or assist them to share the thrill of their first rides!

    What wind conditions to teach kitesurfing to children?

    Courses are provided when the wind is the most suited for light weights: light breeze is ideal as it allows them to learn in easy and safe conditions.
    Lessons can start from 6 knots and up to 15/20 knots.

    When are the kids sessions taking place ?

    Our kitesurfing courses for kids take place during our school opening months, between March and November, and are organised on request: contact us to let us know you’re interested and we will either advise you of some already locked in dates or schedule some accordingly to your request.

    Rates are up to the number of children attending but usually cost around 80 euros the hal day (3 hours lessons).

    More information and booking procedure

    Watch  our video of our kitesurfing lessons for kids !

    To contact us or book a kite training for your child contact us by email (please make sure to mention your child’s age, weight, possible previous experience and availability window) or by phone: + 33 6 32 41 91 86.