New: Kite Xperience in English

Learn to kite with one of the oldest kitesurfing school in France!

We’ve had over the past years a bunch of foreigner trainees who all mentioned to us how disappointing it was not to find us online, and/or not to have at least a few of our website pages translated in order to reach non-French visitors, especially according that our kitesurfing school has ENGLISH SPEAKING instructors, with previous experience overseas!

We’ve eventually heard them:
Here you will find the translation of our key pages, allowing English speakers to be up to date with what our school offers!

Our Kitesurfing School in Provence

Check out our article about our Kite School in the south of France, in Port Saint Louis du Rhône: probably one of the best location in the country to get introduced to kiteboarding, with a site exceptionnally secured and instructors teaching for over a decade!

Special Kids kitesurfing courses

Kite Xperience offers special tuitions for children, with adapted gear and pedagogy: find out more about our kitesurfing lessons for kids!


More translated articles underway!

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